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Free Joffrey Ballet tours

Interested in behind-the-scenes ballet? The Joffrey Ballet offers free tours on the first Thursday of every month at noon. Although they are free, you can’t just pop in—you have to call in advance and...

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Chicago holiday markets

There’s nothing like a local holiday market to get you out of the malls and into a bespoke, fun gift for Aunt Gertrude. And if you’re lucky, there’s a little mulled wine, too. Here...

Birthday deals

Birthday deals

Whether your birthday’s next week or in another 364 days, good deals can be snagged with just a little effort. Below are favorites and some new ones. Remember to use your email newsletter throwaway address – but one that you can actually check, starting on day one of your birthday month.

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A deal for two at Whole Foods

Whole Foods isn’t exactly a low-price mecca, but sometimes the allure of the Lincoln Park store proves too much. Especially with a convenient location and free wifi! But we recently tried out one of...