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Thriftista is, yes, yet another blog on living well for less. Our focus is not diaper deals or scrounging in the dumpster, however‚ we’re about living well, for less. We understand that those concert tickets sometimes are a “must have” [for Lisa, anyway] and enjoying the latest and best places is just part of city life at times‚ but it doesn’t have to max out your bank account.

We’re also not girly girls, but tomboys, shopping addicts, avid travelers and homeowners of every age. We’re just like you, we just have a few more tips on how to keep up your lifestyle for a lot less, and we hope you enjoy it.

Here are the ‘istas:


I’m the only child of entrepreneurs – and as such I should be spoiled. Alas, it’s not the case.

I tend to have expensive tastes [that is real Chanel, thank you!] but don’t always have the means or desire to spend a lot. So I’m not too ashamed to tell you that that Chanel? Cost me $7. [And yes, I’ll let you in on this “secret” soon!] I’m also on my third home, all purchased on my own. I love to entertain and go out with friends, but I’ll never pay $10+ for cover, unless there’s a decent band! I also work independently as a graphic designer, which means an inconsistent cash flow and frequent networking events. Jeans and a tee don’t always work. Add in pilates classes, volleyball, travel and whatever else comes along, and there can be big bills at the end of the day.

I’m hoping that by starting this site, I can help impart some of what I’ve learned and pick up new tips. There are plenty of other sites out there [some of which we’ll be linking to] that are similar, but this one is for women like us — urban [or just urbane], smart and successful.


I’ve always been a bit frugal and was raised to live within my means.  But sometimes a girl just needs to live a little!  In order to take that trip to Europe or eat in the expensive restaurants with friends, I need to save money on other things.  I’ve always been an avid reader, and while I believe it is important to buy some new books in order to support new authors and publishing houses, I also know I can’t afford to buy every book I want to read.  How can I squeak out a little extra money when I want to increase my 401k contribution or make an extra payment on the mortgage, but I still want to go on that girls’ trip to Vegas?

This is when being raised by frugal parents with six children can be helpful.  I know when to say no”, I can’t afford it” and when to say “splurge a little”.  Now, since I plan to have fun the next six months while still saving money, I hope my experiences and ideas help you save a little money too.

I currently work as a paralegal for start-up transistioning to mid-size company, and I use to work for a non-profit and before that a business publisher, so as you can image, I’ve never lived on a huge paycheck.

We welcome your comments and tips!


The Thriftistas