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Create your own sculpture tour!


Chicago beanChicago has a lot of outdoor sculptures (which means large and FREE!).  There are the obvious:  the Bean, the Picasso in Daley Plaza, the lions in front of the Art Institute.  Then there are some you have to look for a little bit harder: Large Interior Form by Henry Moore (in the yard just north of the Art Institute), or Chicago by Joan Miro (on Washington St., across from the Picasso).


I have this pop-out map of the Loop and near-Loop, complete with El stops and places of interest—including a sculpture tour of the Loop.  As I’ve had meetings in the area, I’ve been trying to hit a few sculptures so I can eventually see them all.  So far, my unexpected favorite is the Large Interior Form by Henry Moore because it looks different from every angle.  Here are my three favorite shots.

Large Interior Form by Henry MooreLarge Interior Form by Henry MooreLarge Interior Form by Henry Moore


But as I notice the ones listed on the map, I am spotting other sculptures not listed.  Daphne by Dessa Kirk is incredible and I will have to go back to see it in June, once the plants have bloomed.  (Located at Michigan and Congress, between The Bowman and the Spearman by Ivan Mestrovic.)

Daphne by Dessa Kirk

Then I started thinking about other sculptures throughout the city — there could be a sculpture tour of Lincoln Park.  Off the Fullerton stop, head east to Lincoln Avenue to admire the statue there.  Then head south on Lincoln Ave to Oz Park to see Dorothy and her friends.  Head east towards the zoo, but stop to see Shakespeare and the geese by the Lincoln Park Conservatory (and pop in to see the flowers too—living sculptures!).

Now I want to know more!  I want to see how many sculptures I can find in Chicago.  Here are links to websites that list outdoor sculptures and other public art in Chicago:


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