Looking Good, Shopping

StyleUnited helps you check out your personal style

SheSpeaksbuttonFace it, we’re all obsessed with our personal “styles” and these days there are plenty of labels: Boho, chic, glam… and what does it all mean anyway?

Of course, there’s a new site devoted exclusively to answering this for you: StyleUnited shares a slew of free tests on makeup, fashion, hair and skin, which result in product recommendations from Proctor & Gamble.

I’m still trying to determine where the clothing & accessory ideas come from but the choices are pretty spot-on. Your final “style file” is pretty accurate — or they describe me as I think I am, at any rate! It’s telling me I’m “edgy bold” — which in reality is a love of color and otherwise, I’m to be found in jeans and shirts. But maybe it’s more of how I’d like to be, and how to best create that look.

You can do free one-on-ones with your webcam and a beauty “expert” you can choose depending on the look you’re going for — which is a great feature.

Although I likely will purchase these products elsewhere, I do really enjoy the tips. As a fashion magazine denizen from way back, I feel like I’ve heard the same schtick again and again — but there are a lot of “new” tips here that are relevant and useful.

I’m interested in how their offers pan out, since we’re providing so much great data to P&G. Truly “special” offers would make this site a must-see.

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