A coat of paint: Decorator tables

It is amazing how a coat of paint can change an item.

When I moved into my first apartment (okay, my second ‚ to understand that statement, read my blog about renter’s insurance), I was decorating from scratch. No couch, no TV stand, no end tables ‚ nothing. I was working as a technical writer at the time, so money wasn’t just rolling in. I decided to spend “real” money on the couch (that is, my insurance money), but everything else was going to have to be cheap until I could afford to replace them one at a time.

This led to my purchase of decorator end tables‚ about $10 each at Target in 2001. I can’t remember how much the table clothes were. They allowed me to have end tables in my living room and also gave me a place to store my DVDs and a few other things.

Well, it is now 2010. Overall, I got my money’s worth out of them but it is nine years later, and it is time for a change. In the background of the above pictures, you can see my mint green walls (a surprisingly versatile wall color ‚Äî goes with almost every other color). The trim in my condo is white. When Glidden was offering free pints of paint last summer, I acquired a nice marshmallow white that matches the trim on the doors and windows. Since it was free paint and is a clean, complimentary color to the wall paint, I decided to go for it and pulled out the paint brushes. A third of a pint later and they have a new look ‚Äîclean and sleek.

Also, if I have any gatherings this summer that allow for deck time, they are light enough to carry outside for a little extra table space.